Artists and galleries rely on our services since many years. We are a family business and will keep up our high standards staying a small team focusing on our actual network of clients and artists.

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If you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact us personally at:
1) Data
We work with any pixelbased files. The resolution of your pixelbased file should be larger than 100dpi in print format (please don't serve 1:1 resolutions larger than 300dpi).
Resolutions beyond 100dpi might work: Please contact us for to have us take a look at the file.
Sending in vector based files please use the origin .ai format.

Source RGB-Data should not be changed into CYMK. We prefer to do it inhouse with special separations to keep as much vivid colours as possible.
2) Datatransfer
When you have saved your file correct you send us the work by regular post on a CD, email or upload it to the webspace.

Download a free ftp client here.

NOTE: Please confirm any upload or postage to us by email to
3) Payment
New customers will be asked to pay in advance.
Returning customers will pay after delivery: They are free to pay by bank transfer or online with a special link connected to the order.
Within Europe we offer pay after delivery in most cases also for first time customers.

Please feel free to contact us.
4) Shipping
Your framework will now be sent to you. You will also receive a link so you can follow your package on its way (available within Europe).

Special Requests
We produce any size print on frame from 13x13cm up to 140x300cm* millimetre-exactly:
You can get the definite format according to your filesize/motive intention.
There is no need to rescale, crop or alter it.
BlauPrint has an own production where each frame is built from ground up.
Until we have our calculator online please contact us via email and tell us your wanted size and your location: We'll come back with a quote to you.
-> contact

*our standard canvas is 160cm in width:
  ends up 140cm framesize short side + 20cm space for wrapping and mounting,
  300cm is shipping limit: up to 700cm available for special purpose direct at place;
  special canvas 190cm and 320cm width available on request