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Out of One Source from the Founders of Pure Canvas Printing
BlauPrint offers extraordinary quality to you! You will get a perfect product:
High quality frameworks out of own exclusive production with convenient and easy to use details (several patents pending).
Highly lightfast and durable prints on canvas and textile.
Inhouse production on unique updated and rebuilt industrial digital printing machines.

Go Simple
Textiles and canvases might loose tension within the years. Our technical product features give you the convenience to restretch the prints and have them perfect again.
Forget hooks and nails: Mount the aluminum clamp to your wall and put the frame on it. It is fixed but allows rotation to have the frame totally straight. You can also put the frame on slant walls using that clamp.

Regulate the tension of the framework with a simple hexagon driver.
Forget hooks and nails: Use the stable aluminum clamp.
Get It Precisely
You can't do wrong: Our simple and patented tension system gives you perfect control. According to which force is necessary to give tension to a side the one-screw-solution regulates it automatically. Though the connection of the frame's edges seems fix it is variable but stable - It is precise woodwork.
You won't realize most details and production steps that are neccessary to build a framework: They sum up to a whole thing which disappears behind the art it carries. If one step was missed it would disturb the origin view to the art.

Restretch the canvas/textile whenever necessary.
It is hidden: The main parts of a BlauGallery product are handworked.
Own a Personal Piece of Work
You have placed an order at the BlauPrint:
The motive you have requested is printed-on-demand. BlauPrint does not store any motives. The print dries 1-2 days and is varnished the next day. Then it leaves the main process and gets personal. A worker of our team picks it, judges the colours, measures it and collects the framework out of the storage. If he realizes irritations in colour or visible banding the print will be destroyed and reprinted. If a custom frame size is neccessary it will be produced directly for it.
The worker stretches it on the framework and attaches all details. He is responsible and signs on the frame for his work. Then the frame is put into foam foil and goes to the packaging process.

Mounting, rotating, stretching: A frame needs lots of steps to be covered with the print.
You will get unique and personal work - no massproduction.
Get Guarantee
BlauPrint guarantees best and outstanding quality. The motives are printed with pigmented inks similar to airbrush-colours on industrial printers and fixated with heat treatment. To the canvases we add another special UV-blocking varnish similar to artist's oil painting varnish. We do not use any coated and lightsensitive media that are common on the market but real artist canvas (classical acrylic-chalk-coating) and unprimed textile.
The frames are built of technical dried wood out of Scandinavia and doubled with water resistant glue. Even in extreme ambients with changes in temperature and moisture the bars will stay straight.
All these features sum up to a product you can enjoy lots of years!

What you see is what you get: Strong colours on pure canvas that last dozens of years.
Guaranteed and approved: The worker signs for the quality on the frame.